January 29, 2013

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Random Thoughts…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something. I know… shame, shame. But here I am :)

I thought I would take this opportunity to share some random thoughts and facts, or little nuggets of information if you will, with all of you fine people out there. I hope you find this insightful and even entertaining. Here we go…


1. My most favorite movie of all time is A Christmas Story. Hands down greatest movie ever. End of story.

2. I am NOT a morning person. I could sleep all day. Don’t believe me… give me a chance and I’ll prove it.

3. I am having serious “picking” withdrawals. I need to go antiquing. Who wants to go??

4. Every night before I go to bed, I check on my kids and tuck them in… most of the time more than once. Man I love those little buggers…

5. I think Patrick Sharp is hot.

6. I also think my husband is hot.

7. Right now, my office is so stinking cluttered with paperwork and crap that it gives me a slight heart attack every time I have to sit at this desk.

8. I LOVE cookie dough. I like cookies best un-cooked! Im not afraid of you, salmonella.

9. I love to run. I feel soooo much better about myself when I do. I seriously need to make a commitment to run more often.

10. I graduated from college (WIU) in 3.5 years. I’m an over-achiever.

11. I graduated from high school 14th in my class. And no, there were not only 15 people in the class…

12. When I get really, really tired, I get slap happy.

13. I have a serious love addiction with Hydrangeas. I love them to pieces… I gotta get me some more of them in fact. (The Annabelles on the left are actually MINE from last season)

14. I just finished doing save the date wedding announcements for two professional Triathletes!! Gonna do the rest of the wedding invites too :) I’ve gone big time now, eh?!?!

15. With the exception of my mom’s hand-me-down car when I was 16 (and awesome blue Dodge Omni…Oh YEAH!), I have always owned a VW Jetta. An ’89, 2001 and now a 2011. Farfegnugen.

16. I would kill for a large Diet Coke from McD’s right about now.

17. Sorry for any of my clients who are reading this, but I would much rather be playing Barbies and Doll House all day with my G than doing work.

18. I also have a serious love affair with anything old and weathered with chippy paint! Man I love me a good antique!!

19. When I was in high school, I would save my money to go to the antique mall. I still have 2 of my earliest purchases in the house now: An old chippy green bookcase for $70 (thats in Gracie’s room now) and a 3 drawer dresser I use as a night stand. If memory serves, I believe that was $50. They are some of my most favorite pieces.

20. My favorite Elvis song is Bossa Nova Baby.

21. I hate wine. Love me a good beer though.

22. Fact: I never once went to a bar or party at school until I was 21. I know… I’m lame. I’m such a rule follower though…

23. I’ve been married twice. Say whaaaat?!?!?

24. LOVE He-man. Man that was a great cartoon. What the hell has happened to cartoons now?? My kids will never know the meaning of Saturday Morning cartoons. That’s just sad.

25. Both my kids were born on the 25th of the month. One in March and the other in July.

26. I’m a closet Little House on the Prairie fan. Although, I suppose the cat’s out of the bag now.

27. I invented the dance “The Bus Driver”. Get me a beer for each hand and I’ll show you how it goes.

28. I can’t believe I’m up to 28 already…

29. Be safe, not sorry: Wear safety glasses! That’s for you Mr. Adams…

30. I have known my husband for the past 15 years. Best years of my life I have to say.


Well there you have it! Random thoughts from yours truly. Hope you all have a fantabulous day!

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