Super Heroes.

At Ten26 we like to think of ourselves as the super heroes of the design world. With our super impressive design skills we are able to rid the world of evil and bad design! We may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but we can design the heck out of anything that comes our way.

Tony Demakis

Tony Demakis principal / creative director / Brand Genius

The mastermind and fearless leader of the Ten26 team, Tony is always pushing the boundaries and expanding his arsenal of design powers. Using strategic thinking, creative vision and a talent mere mortals would kill for, he has been able to help transform client dreams into reality. His passion for bringing out the best in himself and others around him is evident in all areas of his life.¬†Whether it’s creating the next brilliant brand identity, running a triathlon or simply being the worlds best dad (he really is, I have seen the trophy) Tony brings 100% max effort and success every time.

You can reach Tony at 847-650-3282 or email him at


Kelly Demakis senior designer / warrior princess of the design world

With over 12 years of experience, Kelly has done just about everything related to graphic design & marketing. At this point in the game, she knows what it takes to make a project a success and works hard to ensure each and every client is completely satisfied with the outcome. Her work is good. So good, in fact, that its been featured in several graphic design publications! Clients that she has helped save from the evils of bad design are forever grateful for her talents. With super powerful design skills under her belt, Kelly is committed to ridding the world of ugliness and making the world a prettier, and better designed, place to live.

Want to contact Kelly? Call her at 630-244-5741 or shoot her an email at: